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  1、The manager told us that this factory was built in 1958.

  2、By the time we got there, the play had already begun.

  3、When I was a child, I knew that the earth turns about its axis.

  4、When Mr.Delay got home after a day's exhausting work, his wife and children were sleeping.


  1、The film showed last night was very moving. (不用moved,大家别忘了-ed形容词和-ing形容词的区别)

  2、Having finishing his lecture, the teacher asked if anyone wished to asked a question.

  3、The problem being discussed is very important.

  4、Given more time, we are sure to finish it.

  5、Will you please make yourself known to everyone here


  1、It is difficult to study English well.

  2、We think it is important to pass the exam.

  四、强调句型(大家要记住的是it is (was)……。that…。,如果前面是it iswas 后面往往选用that,当然强调人的时候也可用who)

  1、It was at an evening party that I first saw her.

  2、It is what you will do that is important.

  3、When was it that he bought a new car



  1、Stop talking! There comes the teacher.


  1、So badly was he hurt in the accident that he had to be sent to hospital.

  2、Not only does he study well, but also he is always ready to help others.

  3、Mary has done well in the English exam. So she has. She always does well in the exam.

  六、从句中选择关系词题(重点在定语从句,多看笔记, becausesincenow thatasfor; so…that…such… that…)

  1、It was in so friendly a way that he talked with us.

  2、Oct.15, 2005 is a day when we will take our English examination.

  3、We want to buy the same book as you are reading.

  4、The sun heats the earth, which is very important to living things.

  七、虚拟语气(我们要记住与现在,过去,将来相反的三种情况,特别是与过去相反的情况最常考,再有就是wishas if 后面所接的三种情况,还有一个常考点在suggest,demand,require,order等表示建议,要求,命令的词后面加从句时,从句里谓语要用(should)+动词原形,如果是被动则用(should +be +动词过去分词)

  1、I would have done it better if I had had more time.

  2、I wish you would go with us tomorrow.

  3、I suggest that we (should )adopt a different policy.

  4、Had it not been for your help, we would never have been able to get over the difficulties.

  八、情态动词题(除了掌握常见情态动词基本用法外,常考点在三种表推测的情况,分别为must表对现在事情的肯定推测 ,can't表对现在事实的否定推测, must have +v-ed表示对过去事实的肯定推测,而则表示过去应该做某事而没有做)

  1、The ground is so wet, it must have rained last night.

  2、She must be a doctor, I think.

  3、I should have called you last week, but I was too busy then.

  九、几组形容词及副词区别题(注意比较级、最高级、倍数表达; likelypossibleprobable; worthworthy; too muchmuch too; alreadyyet等)

  1、His books are three time as many as my books.

  2、The Nile river is the longest river in the world.

  3、It is much too hot tonight.

  4、The harder he worked, the happier he felt.

  十、主谓一致题(往往出题者都是考谓语动词选单数这种情况,如each,every,everyone这样的词作主语以及Mary, like many other girls likes listening to music这样的题)

  1、The moral of the officers and crew was very high.

  2、Each boy and each girl in the city is asked to go to school.

  3、Neither the quality nor the prices have changed.(近位原则)

  十一、动词及动词词组区别题(常考的有raiserisearisearose; spendcosttakepayafford; woundinjurehurtdamage; findfindoutdiscoverinvent; hitstrikeringbeat; tellsayspeaktalk; joinjoin intake part in等以及我所讲过的动词短语)

  1、Can you tell the difference between these two words

  2、He joined the army three years ago.


  1、They will leave the classroom when they have finished writing.

  2、We will start to work as soon as our teacher comes.

  十三、名词所有格以及名词后面有限定时则该名词前一定要加定冠词the题(名词的格有以下两种情况,Tom'book, 以及 the books of our school,特别是用of表示的所有格我们一定要习惯这种表达)

  1、Beijing is the capital of China.

  2、He can't have the expience of all of the world.

  十四、常用介词区别题(如on, in, except besides, within, without, through等)

  1、You should write in ink not with your pencil.

  2、He pulled her into the train by the arm.

  3、by bustrainair…。 On foot, on the farm, in the morningafternoonevening, at nightnoon

  十五、常考代词题(常考的有otherothers, anotherthe other; sometimessome timesometime; thatwhich; thatwhat, eitherneitheror; tooalsoeither; manymucha great deal ofa great number ofa great amount of; a fewfewlittlea little; as long asas far as; so long asso far as )

  1、That you don't like him is none of my business.

  2、The weather in the north is much colder than that in the south in January.

  3、He must be a worker. I think so.






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